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We the Best Power began to serving you, give you 100% guaranty in our products and we can sure that
you will satisfy with our products . Now (AGM/Gel) it’s the time to know about the advance technologies.

Join with us, here we will presenting in front you the Advance technologies. Save your nature and future.
Can we plugging direct into sun, Y NOT u just think with us..

"Best power" is engaged in offering high quality range of Inverters and Inverter Batterries , VRLA Battery,
Industrial Battery, Ups Battery. We are *authorized dealer* of Exide Batteries. All products are procured
from reputed vendors in the industry like Exide, Apc etc...

We are the destributers in solar water heater also , we just added below the uses of the solar system...

The sun is a utopian fuel: limitless, ubiquitous, and clean. Surely someday we'll give up on coal, oil, and
gas—so hard on the climate, so unequally distributed worldwide— and go straight to the energy source
that made fossil fuels. In a few sunny places where electric rates are high, like Italy and Hawaii , solar e
n ergy is already on the verge of being competitive . But in most places the sun remains by far the most
expensive source of electric power—typically in the U.S. it costs several times more than natural gas or
coal—which is why it still supplies only a fraction of a percent of our needs

Solar heat is environmentally friendly. Solar heat does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. It helps
conserve the earth's energy resources for our children and grandchildren. Solar is as pure , clean and s
afe as you can get. It is the best choice for people with allergy problems and chemical sensitivities . The
re will be no tanks of highly flammable materials in your house . It will be free of fuel odors and there will
be lower electromagnetic fields. Solar heating is stable in price. Once you have bought it , you are prote
cted from inflation and the political surprises that come with other fuels.

Solar heating is a wise investment . The yield is comparable to a good stock. One nice thing is that the y
ield from your solar investment is tax free and that the yield goes up in value at the rate of inflation. Im ag
ine what that could be in 20 years! Solar heat makes your home something special. People with solar he
ated homes are intelligent, self-confident, socially aware and environmentally responsible.

We are always here to serve you. Join with us.

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